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Got Wrinkles In Your Pool Liner? 3 Tips To Get Them Out

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When you are swimming around in your pool, you do not want to have to deal with a liner with constant wrinkles. They can be extremely aggravating and uncomfortable underneath your feet as move around the swimming pool, though they are actually quite common to occur in pools. But what do you do when your liner becomes wrinkled? How do you remove those annoying little wrinkles? Luckily, it is actually pretty easy for you to remove them and you can even do it all on your own, though it is does take some time and effort on your part. Here are three tips to help you remove swimming pool liner wrinkles:

Tip #1: Walk Them Out

The easiest way that you can eliminate the wrinkles out of your pool is to slide on a pair of soft-soled shoes and start walking across the pool. Start from one side of the pool and walk towards the other side of the pool, sliding your feet along the wrinkles and pulling them as you go. As a general rule, this will take care of the majority of the wrinkles, though some of them could be more difficult to remove.

Tip #2: Use a Plunger

For those harder to remove wrinkles, grad yourself a household plunger. You will want to place if over the wrinkle and just plunge it out. It should pull the liner so that the wrinkle will be no more. It is recommended to use an unused plunger since you are going to be swimming in this water.

Tip #3: Warm Up the Water

Wrinkles tend to develop in cold water – typically during the winter, which is why you have wrinkles at the beginning of swim season. The reason for this is because these colder temperatures result in the liner hardening, resulting in it wrinkling. So, you may want to consider heating the water a bit so that the liner will soften some. Then, you can simply use a pool brush, as well as the aforementioned solutions, to try to work the wrinkles out of the liner.

Keep in mind that you should try to remove the wrinkles as soon as you can after you notice that they have formed. The reason for this is that the longer that you allow them to exist, the harder it will be for you to remove them. If you are unable to remove the wrinkles yourself, call on a professional pool expert, like one from Anchor Pools & Spas, to remove them for you.