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4 Ways To Boost Your Backyard Pool's Privacy

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Adding a pool to your backyard? It's one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors more with your family. However, if you live in a neighborhood surrounded by the houses of your neighbors, it can feel like everyone can see you splashing around in the water. If this is your dilemma, how can you add more privacy to your pool? Here are 3 methods for any budget:

Placement. It may be possible to add some privacy to your pool design from the beginning by focusing on how it's placed in your yard. While you want to maintain easy access and lots of sunshine, you may also be able to build it where your own home blocks some of the neighbors' views. Other outbuildings like sheds, garages, pool storage facilities, or raised decks may be useful in your privacy strategy. Work with your pool builder to see how these existing structures can block unwanted eyes.

Vertical Landscaping. There are a number of ways to add privacy barriers using greenery. You could, for example, plant a grove of all season evergreens or colorful aspen trees around one part of the pool that suffers too much openness. Another way to add height as a protection is to build an earthen berm and plant it with an additional layer of bushes or dwarf trees. If you need less height for your privacy screen, tall ornamental grasses such as deer grass or California fescue may be sufficient to do the job. 

Fencing. Pool fencing is an easy way to create a barrier against prying eyes. Look for a semi-solid fence that meets local zoning rules regarding the shape and structure of pool safety fencing. Stone fences or wooden fences with crossbars on the pool side of the boards are likely to do the trick. You can add decorative features like lattice tops or scalloped edges to dress up the fence a little. 

Rock Grottos. Some pool structures themselves can lend privacy. Your pool builder can add what's known as a rock grotto to the pool's design. This grouping of (usually) faux boulders can be built as tall as you want and appears very natural to guests. It usually comes with a waterfall into the pool and can host private hideaways like a swim up bar, spa, or inside entertainment lounge. 

Implemented on their own, each of these ideas can create a small-to-medium amount of privacy. Using them together can help you design a backyard haven that you can enjoy on your own all year long with confidence. 

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