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Three Tips For Swimming Pool Owners

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Swimming pool problems can create major issues for your family. Yet, there are many pool owners that are poorly informed when it comes to the types of problems that their swimming pool can encounter. Regardless of whether you have a pool that is above or below ground, you should be utilizing several care tips.

Empty Your Filter Baskets

Your swimming pool pump will be responsible for circulating the water throughout the pool. However, leaves and other debris can clog the pump if these items are able to enter the water intake vents. Filter baskets are designed to catch the majority of the materials that might enter your pool's filtration system. Yet, pool owners can have the habit of failing to regularly check these filters to ensure they are not full or blocked. If these baskets can become sufficiently clogged, they will prevent water from being able to reach the pump, which can cause substantial damages to the unit.

Know The Warning Signs Of Structural Problems With The Pool

In addition to the pool being at risk of developing mechanical problems, the sides and foundation of the pool can be placed under tremendous stress due to the weight of the water. This can put the pool at a higher risk of being vulnerable to structural problems. Recognizing these structural problems when they first start to form is essential for minimizing the damage your pool suffers and the swimming pool repairs that will be required. Among the more common signs of this type of damage occurring will be cracks forming in the sides of the pool, the pool becoming visibly uneven, and bulging of the sides. Whenever you notice that these issues are starting to develop with your pool, contacting a professional to repair this damage as soon as possible is the correct response to this potentially serious issue.

Understand The Need To Adhere To Your Pool's Maintenance Schedule

Caring the mechanical parts of your pool will require you to follow a maintenance schedule that will involve flushing the pump, replacing compromised seals and lubricating the motor. In addition to these steps, you also must work to keep the pool's water quality as high as possible so that algae will not start growing in the pool. Algae can easily enter the pump, and this can cause serious mechanical problems. By creating a monthly schedule for your pool and strictly following it, you will find that you are able to minimize the risks improper maintenance can pose.