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Swim The Nordic Way: Custom Wooden Pools

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In Norway and Sweden, wooden tubs, wooden spa tubs, and wooden pools have been part of the culture for a long time. These pools and tubs are very popular because they are easy to make, easy to recycle, and do not damage the environment. However, they do fall under "custom swimming pools" in the U.S. because wood pools have not caught on quite yet. If you would like to swim the Nordic way, here is more information on the pools themselves.

Above Ground, Not In

Wooden pools are above ground, not in the ground. The wood faces inside the pool are treated to prevent warping, mold, mildew, and rot. While the exteriors of the pools receive some of the same treatments, placing these pools in-ground encourages wood pests and microscopic organisms to munch through. If you are still on board for a wooden pool, you should know why they cannot be built in the ground.

Round, Square, or Rectangle

Wooden pools come in multiple sizes, but are often limited to three shapes. Round is the traditional shape. Squares and rectangles came along later when corners could be fused to reduce water loss. Every plank is securely attached to the next, and no fasteners are ever visible or able to scrape or puncture swimmers. The wood is then stained, sealed, and water-proofed to expand the life of the pool.

Maintenance of a Wooden Pool

Like a wood fence, a wood pool needs regular maintenance. A pool cover can keep the top half of the pool in the best condition. The bottom half of the pool should be sanded, resealed and re-waterproofed annually or bi-annually. Water should be pumped out entirely in the fall to prevent expansion and damage by the freezing water.

Height of the Walls and Access to the Pool

For safety reasons, the depth of the pool is limited to the height of the walls, usually about eight feet, but the walls can be a little higher. To get into your wooden pool, most pool ladders will do. Make sure there are steps both outside and inside the pool. That way,  you are not trying to pull yourself up and out, should you need to get out of the pool quickly. Nordic wooden pools are for exercise only, and diving is not allowed. If you choose this type of custom swimming pool, there is no way you can safely dive; diving is out.

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