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The Weather Is Cooling Down: 3 Pool Problems You Should Address During The Fall

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Now that summer is just about over and your in-ground pool isn't being used as much, it's time to plan for those much-needed repairs. Taking care of those repairs during the fall will ensure that your pool is up and ready for action when the weather warms up again. The last thing you want is to delay swim season while you wait for repairs. If you're not sure what repairs your pool needs, which is common if you can't see any visible problems, take a good look at it. With careful observation, you'll be able to identify issues that might need to be addressed. Here are several issues that you might need to address this fall.

Outdated Main Drain Cover

Take a look at your main drain cover. If it's a flat, outdated cover, you need to call a pool repair technician immediately. Flat, outdated covers are nothing to take lightly. The main drain produces intense suctioning power. The suction that comes from it is enough to hold a person down to the bottom of the pool. While larger people may be able to pull themselves away from the suction, a child won't be able to.

The VGB Act of 2007 was enacted to improve the design and safety of main drain covers in in-ground pools. The law was named after Virginia Graeme Baker, a child who drown when she became trapped by the suction of a main drain. To prevent devastating accidents, inspect your main drain cover. If it's outdated, have it replaced before anyone uses the pool again. Raised anti-vortex drain covers will help make your pool safer for you and your family. You should also talk to your swimming pool repair technician about having a safety vacuum release system installed on your pool. This system will release suction when too much pressure builds up, such as when the drain is blocked. 

Vinyl Pool Liner is Shrinking

If you have a vinyl pool liner, you know that it serves a few purposes. First, it provides a smooth surface for you to walk on when you're in the pool. Second, it protects your pool surface from premature wear and tear. Third, it extends the life of your pool. However, you might not know that constant exposure to water and the sun can cause the liner to shrink over time. In most cases, you'll notice the shrinking around the edges as the liner pulls away from the pool itself. If you're noticing that your pool liner no longer fits properly, you should have it replaced before next summer.

Blockage in the Main Drain

If your filter isn't cleaning the pool as well as it once it, and you've had the filter serviced, the problem might not be with your filter or your pump. The problem may lie with the main drain. Blockages inside the main drain can cause your filter and pump to malfunction. When that happens, your pool won't get as clean as it should. If you've tried everything, and your filter system still isn't working properly, it's time to have a pool technician like those at John Strawhacker Swimming Pool Service come out and inspect the main drain.