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3 Fun & Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Swimming Pool

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If your swimming pool is started to feel a little dated and old, invest a little money upgrading your pool this summer. If you are not in the market for a major pool upgrade, there are still some minor upgrades that you can make to your pool that will change how it looks. A few great minor upgrades to make to your pool include converting to a salt water system, adding a water feature, or adding LED lights.

Converting to a Salt-Water System

This conversion may not change how your pool looks, but it will change how your pool smells and feels. If you find yourself avoiding time in your pool because you find the chlorine water too harsh on your skin, you can convert your pool to a salt-water system. With a salt-water system, you use salt instead of chlorine to keep the water clean.

Although it will cost you to upgrade from a chlorine to a salt-water system, over the long run it will cost you less to maintain your pool, and you may get more use and enjoyment out of your pool.

Add a Water Feature

This is a more costly upgrade, but it still falls on the affordable side of things, depending on the type and size of water feature that you want to add to your pool. There are lots of different types of water features that you can add to your pool. You can add a waterfall to your pool. Or you can add scuppers, which are located above your pool and pour water into it from a small opening, or you can add sprayers, where water sprays out above your pool or next to your pool.

The great thing about water features is that you can build on to them over time. Maybe this summer you have the budget to add some sprayers to your pool and next summer you have the budget to add a waterfall to your pool. Just let your pool contractor know that you want to continue to add water features in the future, and they can set up your new water features in a manner that makes them easy to expand upon.

LED Lights

Finally, a great way to really transform your pool is installing LED lights. You can replace the old lights in your pool with LED lights. The great part about putting in LED lights is that they are one of the most energy-efficient types of lights you can put in your pool. You will be able to reduce your energy usage with LED lights.

Another upside of installing LED lights is that you can change the color of your LED lights, so you can make your pool green or red or pink or purple. With the same lights, you can enjoy a wide array of colors.

Upgrade your pool this summer by switching to a salt water system, installing LED lights, and adding a water feature to your pool. Contact a company like After Hours Pool Service to learn more about your options.