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Get Your Pool Resurfaced This Fall So It's Ready For Next Summer

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You probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about your swimming pool during the fall season, but there is a reason why you might want to. You can tackle small maintenance tasks for the pool while it's open and being actively used during the summer, but larger maintenance tasks might have to wait until you close up shop for the year.

Pool resurfacing is one such task that might be best completed in the fall, after the summer season has ended but before truly cold weather arrives in the winter. Here's how pool resurfacing can benefit you.

Fix Leaks to Make Your Life Easier

A full pool resurfacing could help you discover a leak that you didn't even know that you had. A swimming pool with a leak is harder to keep balanced because you will constantly be adding more water to make up for the water that is leaking out. A better-balanced pool is a cleaner pool, and the resurfacing work you do this fall will create a better experience for all swimmers next summer.

Keep Things Nice and Smooth

As time goes by, you may notice that the bottom or sides of your pool are becoming a bit rough to the touch. Your pool's finish can degrade over time thanks to the chemicals in the water and all of that bright sunlight coming down from above. A pool with a rough finish to it is uncomfortable to stand on. A pool resurfacing will help get things just as smooth as they were the day the pool was installed. 

Less Upkeep During the Next Summer

By taking care of your pool's surface now and tackling all leaks, you will also create less work for yourself next summer. We've already mentioned that you might not have to re-balance the water as often, but starting over with what is now basically a brand-new pool might allow you to do other maintenance tasks less often as well. You can simply relax and enjoy your pool next summer instead of constantly brushing the sides or cleaning other components.

Keep Things Looking Great

Finally, there is just a visual appeal that comes with a pool resurfacing. Your pool will look great and be the envy of your family and friends. A newly resurfaced pool might also help you maintain your property value, which could be important if you plan on moving in the next year.

Contact a pool resurfacing company, such as Hollywood Pools And Spas, today for more information.